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Some advices below regarding check-in and boarding operations to prepare you for departure.


Before departure

Useful information for the Passenger:
Before leaving, it is strongly recommended to call the airline in order to get confirmation that the flight is operative and confirmed.


  • Check that your passport and your I.D card have not expired and that they allow you to travel abroad.
  • Attention: only European driving licenses are accepted for traveling abroad (unless otherwise expressly stated by the airline company).
  • Check that your ticket has your correct name, surname, flight date and time.
  • Your luggage should be prepared respecting the airline company rules.
  • Arrive at the check-in in proper advance to the time specified by the airline company.


At the airport, boarding operations:


Check-in and checked baggage

Passengers who have to check in their baggage into the aircraft hold must present themselves to the acceptance desk where they will get the baggage sticker.

Passengers must be at the check-in desk at least 40minutes before departure. In case of personal delay or lack of documentation boarding will be denied.

During check-in operations:

  • control of I.D card or passport and boarding pass
  • control of checked baggage (weight, labeling, x-ray)
  • luggage boarding


Security control

Ryanair passengers who fly through International routes and who are not UE citizens, have to attend the VISA CHECK desk in order to stamp their boarding pass before security control.

Once check-in operations are concluded you can reach the boarding zone, which you can access only by presenting your boarding pass.

In order to facilitate security controls you must:

  • Show the control staff the bag containing liquids for them to be examined.
  • Take off coats and jackets.
  • Pull out from the luggage netbooks and other electronical devices.
  • Put any metal objects or personal effects (watch, belt, coins, billfold) into the appropriate container and insert them into the x-ray machine.
  • Walk through the Metal Detector.

In case of Metal Detector Alarm, or if you are selected for individual control, you must be prepared for one or more of the following controls:

  • Individual Manual control
  • Manual luggage control
  • Explosive Trace Detector control

If subject of physical control, passengers are required to inform the Security staff in advance if there are any objects they do not agree on showing in public (for personal, religious or cultural reasons).

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